“FACES of BUDDHA” – Solo Paining Exhibition

The 7th solo painting exhibition of artist Sandhya Regmi presented a total of 38 paintings on Buddha Portraits in Nepal Art Council (NAC) Babarmahal, Kathmandu. The exhibition was inaugurated by Chairman of the Council of Ministers Rt. Hon. Khil Raj Regmi and chaired by the Chancellor of the Nepal Fine Art Academy (NAFA) senior artist Mr. Kiran Manandhar. Executive member of the greater Lumbini Development Trust Bhikshu Kondanya Stabir from Boudhha Bihar was a very special guest of the ceremony, other distinguished guests Dr. Satya Mohan Joshi, Thakur Prasad Mainali (Vice-chancellor NAFA), Asc. Prof. Dr. Milan Ratna Shakya, HOD, Central Department of Buddhism studies of TU, Academicians of NAFA, senior artists, art critics, etc.
The paintings at the exhibition were based on 2 themes:

‘Faces of Buddha’ and ‘Reincarnation of Buddha’. There were a total of 36 paintings under the theme ‘Faces of Buddha’ where every painting portrayed the image of Gautama Buddha. There are varieties of faces in different parts of the world. Artists from all around the globe have made diverse faces of Buddha. Encountering such diverse faces of Buddha during the visit in countries like Vietnam, Singapore, Japan, Thailand, Malaysia and Cambodia among others, artist Regmi came up with the diverse faces of Buddha in her paintings. With the other theme ‘Reincarnation of Buddha’ the artist tried to depict that the elements of Buddha exist in ordinary people, and that every individual is capable of attaining enlightenment, and becoming a Buddha. Incorporating this theme in six of her paintings, she portrayed individual faces of four monks along with group paintings of monks. Through the paintings of monks marching and Nepali flags in their side, the artist tried to inform people that Buddha was born in Nepal.

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