Painting & Music therapy for Earthquake victimized children

It was a beautiful Saturday of May 23rd, 2015 that ‘The Painting and Music Therapy Package’ was taken to the earthquake victimized children of SOS Children Village Jorpati and the vicinity.

Over 140 emotionally traumatized children benefitted from the package, which consisted of music program, friendly painting competition, distribution of books and painting materials, and serving of fresh snacks.

The SOS children village Jorpati is a loving home not only to the orphans but also to the physically and mentally challenged children. Some of them have autism, some cerebral palsy, some cannot speak, some have spinal injury and are confined to wheel chair, some have no limbs, some no arms. But what they all possess in common is optimism, love and passion for life. They all love to go to school, read, write, sing, and paint.

The program started with music and songs. Adwiteeya Shiwakoti—11 year old 6th grader at the British School Kathmandu—entertained the participants with her songs. This was followed by a series of songs by artist Yamen Shrestha—son of the renowned actor Madan Krishna Shrestha.

Artist Sandhya Regmi coordinated the friendly painting competition. The children showed their enthusiasm and talent in painting. Even those with cerebral palsy and other abnormality participated in the painting session. Some of those who could not move their fingers held the brushes in the fingers of their feet, some pressed their brushes between their lips and created their arts. While being awarded, we could see tears of joy rolling down their eyes, triggering tears covering our face too.

That day testified us that there is far more for us to do for those innocent hearts and souls, and what we did on that day was just a drop in the ocean.

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