Welcome Speech by The Founder President

Respected Chief Guest – the Secretary General of All Nepal Monk Association, the Chief of Bouddha Vihar Bhrikutimandap, the Executive Member of Lumbini Development Trust & the Senior Advisor of Buddha Harmony Foundation – Venerable Monk Bhikkshu Kondanya Stabir !

Our very Special guest the Founder Patron of Buddha Harmony Foundation Professor Sanjay Dev !

Respectable monks, distinguished professors, scholars, artists, literary writers, poets, educationists, journalists, Members of Buddha Harmony Foundation, ladies and gentleman Very warm welcome to this historic inaugural event of the Buddha Harmony Foundation !!

After months of planning, preparations, and efforts, and years of dreams, we now have been able to establish the Buddha Harmony Foundation. It provides us a common platform to serve the society, nation and humanity across the world, based on the Buddhist teachings of truth, and peace, and to learn to live in harmony with each other, and with the nature. Regardless of our profession, regardless of our belief, regardless of our geographical locations, or other variations, we all can fuse our thoughts, speeches, and action following the path of Buddha.

Buddha was arguably the first scientist in the world to give scientific vision to humanity. As Albert Einstein once stated – “If there is any religion that could respond to the needs of modern science, it would be Buddhism.”,

Buddhism shows a secular and universal path to mankind in the most scientific way for establishment of sustainable peace, happiness and prosperity. It is directed towards developing in us the seed of spiritual nobility and fostering true humanity into life. It is solution to ever-increasing human sufferings. The teachings include the Four Noble Truths and the Noble Eight Fold Paths, which are the greatest way in transforming an ordinary human being into an enlightened person. This ultimately helps the society, and the whole world to live in peace, harmony and happiness.

Buddhist teachings go beyond formal educations in universities and institutions—where one earns degrees merely for bread-and-butter and for comfortable and luxurious physical life. In contrast, the Teachings have their own philosophy of holistic education that help understand the whole process of life through the inner-intelligence. It focuses on eliminating the darkness within oneself. The teachings of Buddha bonds one’s morality and conduct with meditation, and wisdom. Introduction and adaptation of Buddha’s teachings in our life can induce and enhance high moral principles, and helps us to live a meaningful life. ‘Vipassana’—the unique doctrine of Buddha Meditation— provides solution to human problem, by helping to connect us with nature.

Buddha Harmony Foundation is our small step towards connecting mankind with the Buddhist doctrine, by raising awareness on how we could live happily, in harmony with each other and with the nature, regardless of variation in our profession, social standing, beliefs, location, or timeline.

To achieve these goals, Buddha Harmony Foundation will take various measures. Promoting and popularizing of Buddha related arts, monuments, artifacts, cultures, literatures, both inside and outside Nepal; Transmitting the Buddha’s message of peace to the wider world through varieties of creative works and activities including arts, music, literature, education, health, environment, technology, management and other creative sectors. Organizing study, research, trainings, conferences, exhibitions, workshops, and other creative and interactive activities. Assisting, preserving, promoting and rewarding talents. Extending the hands of help to the victims of natural disasters, disables, elderlies, orphans, socially deprived people, and related organizations.

We know that this is a long long journey, and we have so many things to do and to achieve. We know that the road ahead is not as smooth as we wish. Though it’s not easy to achieve all our goals, they are achievable. For this we will need to keep walking, and will need to start acting step by step, to whichever extent we can.

So, let’s take this opportunity to commit ourselves that we will continue our mission until we achieve our goals, no matter how long it takes.

Once again I extend my warm welcome and thanks to all of you. Sadhu Sadhu Sadhu!!!

Sandhya Regmi
(Founder President)