WELCOME TO Buddha Harmony Foundation
Buddha Harmony Foundation is a non-profit, non-governmental, apolitical, social, and autonomous Organization oriented to connect creativity, literary, and social welfare with Buddha's doctrines to foster harmonious society. To achieve its objectives the Foundation attempts to: Propagate Buddha's principles, teachings, and life-serving messages, embracing his precepts of love, truth, harmony, and peace. Exhibit artifacts and documents related to Buddha and Nepal, upholding Nepal's pride as a country of origin of Buddha and Buddhism. Assist and contribute in restoring and establishing Buddha's statues. Organize yoga, vipassyana, meditation, literary, cultural, and social interaction programs, seeking to foster harmonious minds and society based on religious tolerance, mutual respect, peaceful co-existence, true friendship, and cordial relationship. Organize creativity awareness programmes founded on Buddha's peace messages, fusing creativity with harmony in the society. Conduct studies, researches, trainings, workshops, conferences, and gatherings seeking to develop and promote language-literature, art, music, science, education, and health, with due regard to Buddha's doctrines of harmonious society.
Paintings of Artist Sandhya Regmi